Here’s 9 ways – how to start a business property from scratch

Business-PropertyBusiness properties do not always have to be with a large capital, even this can be done without capital. The most important capital for starting a business property is speaking skills. Everyone would have been given the ability to speak since birth, this certainly is not a big problem for you to start a real estate business. Below is a summary of 9 how to start a business from scratch without any capital property that may be you can try.

1. Starting from Scratch

When you plunge from zero, you actually have more skill than many other businesses are continuing a business started from the middle level. You will learn how to address any failures and of course, when you are successful, satisfied feeling that is unmatched. So anyone who says if the business starting from scratch is hard, you have to prove to them that it is not always like that.

2. Diligent See Ads

Now there are a lot of media that advertise the property. The source of any variety, can be from the internet, newspapers and billboards on the street. You can contribute to market the property that is being sold to relatives or people in need. When installing the price, stakes a little higher price so that if sold, you gain.

3. Starting from your Neighborhood

All around you are sure there are many people who want to buy a house or sell it, you can observe and participate ‘chipped’ during a conversation about it. Ask more detail of the house such as what to look for, and location where. When you are just starting a business, you can learn how to run this business. After all, there is no agreement if you need to find a home until it can be. So this business nature nothing to lose. But you also need to be diligent and focused in finding a property so that the outcome is not in vain.

4. Looking for Prospective Sellers

When you’ve been discussing with the prospective buyer, then your next task is to find prospective sellers. To find a property for sale, first you must diligently went to the location of housing and property exhibitions are being held in your nearby area. The location will determine the price and interest, dig information as possible so that prospective buyers have a picture that will satisfy the existing selection of home.

5. Offer Cooperation

When you have found a seller, began to offer cooperation. It’s good the cooperation write on paper to make it more clear and do not harm any party. Ask also detail a home is sold, such as area, floor, prices, ambient conditions, and desired payment method following the commission that you would get if you managed to sell the house.

After binding cooperation, your task is to find the right buyer. This is where your marketing skills is required. You have to understand how to convince potential buyers. Keep in mind also, not to exaggerate the facts about the state of the property because it means you have not been honest in business. If caught lying, they most likely do not want to use your services again.

In terms of price, do not raise prices too high for the prospective buyers would run. The vendors usually provide conditions that will commission if you can successfully sell their home. Therefore, the written agreement must be given regarding the percentage of commission rather than increasing the already exorbitant house prices.

6. Make a Website Promotion

Nowadays, with zero marketing promotion technique is to use online media. You can share information via Facebook or Twitter. The other way is to create a website for free at or This website will be bringing buyers and sellers. Yet all have to go through your contacts. So, do not provide contact information for the buyer or seller in the website. Through online marketing will expand your network so that buyers from outside the island can see the properties you have to offer. Make sure you put a picture of the actual house and complete.
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7. Create a Business Brand

When the business started smoothly, you can make the brand their own business to make it more professional. Look for a memorable name and make sure you’ve registered the name legally to avoid things that are not desirable. Prospective buyers and sellers will be more confident with a service that already has a name and proved beneficial for them. At this stage, registering a business brand it takes charge. If your budget is limited, you can borrow in advance to the relatives of the family or the bank and is committed to return it on time.

8. Take Advantage

Every time you make a profit from the commission, make sure you set aside some of that revenue to ditabungkan and enlarge your efforts will be. It could also set aside some for charity. By sharing your fortune, your sustenance was undoubtedly facilitated by the Lord.
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9. Looking for Employees

When the business is getting bigger, you may not be forever looking for potential buyers and sellers alone. You need the help of others or even perhaps a colleague to be invited to work raising effort. At this stage, you have a lot of experience because you have been in the property business from zero. It’s a good time to develop a business and minimize the possibility of failure. If capital has been collected, there is no harm in looking for staff who can take care of all administrative purposes and to market the property entering into your listing.
Achieve Success with Business Property

That’s the key points in how to start a business from scratch without any capital property. Some of the above methods can be performed without using a substantial cost. Keep in mind, lies the true success is the way to success. Success obtained instantaneously will not last long. But success starts with failure will shape your character as a businessperson that are not easily give up. Hopefully these tips useful for those who are starting a property business.

Explain the difference between Aluminium Emboss (Alkan) and Galvalume

With this article we try to explain the difference between Aluminium Emboss (Alkan) and Galvalume.

ALUMINIUM EMBOSS (Alkan)Illustration Alkan
Stucco Emboss Aluminium (Aluminium Emboss), which here often called Alkan obtained by processing the raw material for aluminum nature> 90% and mixed with other ingredients so that 100% through the process of embossing rollers

The end result it produces a material having a surface which emboss which can diffuse light, reducing reflectivity and glare. It can also be used for applications in the decorative effect.

In other words Stucco Emboss Aluminium material: is a material that can reflect the heat perfectly, until the room temperature is always cool and comfortable. Not rusty and not easily broken, so it does not require maintenance costs, lightweight roof load, up to the cost of construction, installation and transportation can be far more efficient. Non-combustible, to be protected from the invasion of fire of the surrounding buildings. Can be produced according to the needs of the long roof of the building, up to the cost and time of installation is much efficient. Resistant to all weather and unsightly.

Illustration galvalumGALVALUME / aluzinc / ZINCALUME
Galvalume coated steel / aluzinc / Zincalume® a metal alloy coated sheet steel with a composition of 55% aluminum and 45% zinc and other materials up to 100%. This composition provides excellent protection so that the steel is suitable for various applications bangungan and manufacturing. At a similar cost, armored Zincalume® provide service life of 2 to 6 times longer compared with galvanized coated steel in the same application.

Because it has a clear resin coating that makes the surface easier in the paint, preventing scratches and finger prints. At the same passivation layer ensures that the silvery surface is maintained. A shine give light reflectivity and high heat. The durability of the heat reaches 315 degrees centigrade without discoloration on the surface, so it is particularly useful to the roof of your building.

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The following Table Comparison between material Aluminium Excellence Emboss (Alkan) and Galvalume / Zincalume


Aluminium Emboss (ALKAN)


material composition Aluminium has a thin layer of oxide was soon to be formed on the surface where oxidation reaction occurs so that makes it more resistant to corrosion from acid and reaction of other oxides. Aluminium has a layer of about 1-10%, Make This material is quite resistant to the corrosive, however, if this layer is damaged, galvalume corrosion resistance will be weakened.
Power Reflection Heat resistance Aluminium ray emitting more than 80% so that buildings roofed with aluminum will be cooler in the summer. Can reflect more than 60% of sunlight.
The result of the process in which the surface temperature reaches 600FÂ ° making this material able to withstand high temperatures without fear of the occurrence of discoloration
Weight 1.5 – 2.4 kg / m2
5,0  – 7,4 kg/m2

Not as heavy as galvanized steel, but not as light as aluminum

Power Max. 170-270 MPa
However, since the weight of the roof of a wave of material Aluminium itself is so light compared to the heavy roofs made of other materials, therefore, to hold the suction force of the wind, especially when being outdoors or in areas with a blustery, should be given special attention to the construction bond purlins on the building frame.
Max. 500-550 MPa

Very strong so it can also be used as raw materials mild steel.

Treatment before installation Do not hit limestone, cement, dirt and rain to prevent local corrosion on the surface of the roofing sheets. Preferably the roofing sheets are stored in a closed room before installation. Relatively not require treatment
Treatment after installation Relatively not require treatment Relatively not require treatment

Caring for a small garden house

Tiny Home Park

Tiny Home Park

Caring for Tiny Home Park | Occupancy beautiful and comfortable is the dream of many people. Planting trees and various plants around the house is a very appropriate way to be able to present a beautiful atmosphere to your home. Monotonous activity in the room can evoke negative emotions in yourself eg anxiety, if you have a garden in front of the house then it would cause such a happy feeling when looking at the park, you feel relaxed.The house is a shelter from the heat, rain, wind and so forth. Besides, the house is also a place to rest, chat with family. Having a simple house with a land area of ​​a mediocre or narrow is quite a lot of problems facing the housing complex with limited land. Of course you want to take advantage of the narrow land to a small garden of your house.
Appearance park clearly affecting land area, but you do not have to worry about how to care for a small garden at home. The presence of small garden at home will further beautify your house. There are different ways for a small garden as a beautiful garden of your dreams looks stunning. Keep in mind with the garden at home will affect very good for your psychological health.

How to Take Care Home Garden
Various variants of the flowers that decorate the park would be a sweetener to beautify your dwelling. How to gardening and garden design settings are things you need to do. Here are some tips that can be done to treat the front garden of the house in order to always look beautiful adorning your dwelling.

  1. You try to recognize every type of plants that grow in your yard. Because each plant has different characteristics, thus requiring handling and treatment vary in order to survive and thrive.
  2. Choose plants that have a slow growth so that the maintenance is easier and not time-consuming.
  3. Periodically prune the plants so that the plants can be controlled heights. In addition, to maintain the neatness and beauty of the plant itself.
  4. If you have a water plant these crops should be planted in a pot that is not perforated so that water does not seep everywhere thus disturbing the surrounding environment clean.
  5. The laying of flower pots could also be a solution for maintaining cleanliness as well as enhance the look of ornamental plants. If there are vines use the buffer to make it look presentable.
  6. Do not forget to keep watering the garden house.

So at a glance info on how to care for the garden home, hopefully with these tips you can transform a garden house becomes more comfortable and beautiful.

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The most important thing When Will Make minimalist design

Is planning to make a minimalist home design? This article may be a little bit can help. See the times are already more modern, making the guidance of human life becomes more versatile simple, practical and minimalist make people’s lives penetrated become more global, and this certainly makes the modernization of society more modern as well, and much to my surprise again this also has implications for their occupancy, while These people tend and prefer the minimalist building which is very simple and practical accentuate occupancy, but in this case also did not leave the impression of modern and luxurious place to stay, although his design is minimalist. To build a minimalist house needed some important aspects, but it seems the owners also do not run out of ideas for the design problem.


minimalist house

When talking about the house is minimalist, seemingly from year to year will always be a trend, it’s just possible that changes from the terms of its architecture, or can be changed from the interior design. Characteristics of a minimalist home itself is easy to guess from the paint color selection, homeowners usually wear trick match color, and this is also one characteristic of the present will create a minimalist home so look luxurious even though the building looks simple.

In order to help make it easier to for inspiration are fit and proper to build a minimalist house, the authors present here the blog that can give you the ease with different designs ranging from sketches minimalist house, house paint color selection, and others. And as we know anyway, minimalist house comes with a variety of types, and these can also usually be distinguished by the size of area / location of the house. Therefore you do not have to worry about running out of ideas, because here the author has given detailed information about the minimalist house design from the shape of the building to the interior arrangement and the furniture.

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Paving blocks can be an option for you to apply to your backyard or neighborhood street

Paving blocks pretty well known by the public, this proved much has been used. This material is usually used for sidewalks, pavement, be it a road in a residential and industrial area or a factory. In addition, many who put in the parking lot and the home page.

Paving Block

Paving Block

The thickness of the paving blocks in a diverse and tailored to the needs of the user. The thicker will be stronger, of course, must be supported with the right dose on the composition of the mixture of materials of manufacture. Forms paving was also diverse, there is a triangle, rectangle (rectangle), hexagons, and others.

The building material is strong enough even without the iron are embedded. Paving blocks made from a mixture of sand and cement with a certain number of comparisons that are tailored to the needs, and then printed using paving mold either manually or by machine.

Shape Paving Block

Paving blocks can be an option for you to apply to the home page. In addition to its strength in supporting the load so it will make it durable and long lasting. If there are enough rusakpun you can replace the damaged paving alone, so it will only require very little cost. With so many variations that you can get the forms, of course will be able to beautify your home page.

How to install is to arrange or organize it in such a way in a field which has been given the sand as a base. Then once arranged-paving paving will interlock between one another, and the next step on the edge of the field that is attached to the concrete paving should be locked so that the paving does not shift when receiving load. However, if the edge of the field is a wall, the wall can be used as a lock.

In addition to the strength and variations in shape, other advantages that water can seep through the cracks between paving composition. Is not the water can pass through any small gap? With so water will not stagnate on the page that has been shrouded by a paving block. But on the other side of the gap can also bring their own busy life like you, when cracks were overgrown with grass then you should always clean.

Using Paving Block due to Home Page

It’s like I have, please see the photos that I serve. There is seen that the fields are overgrown with a lot of grass-covered paving. During this time the way I do to clean it is to dig up the grass roots. But the way it turned out to be ineffective because it requires considerable time to be able to clean the courtyard area of ​​14 m x 5 m. And within 2 months of the grass also has grown back, especially if the revocation is not up to the roots. In fact, often I use repellent grass that has been commonly used by farmers, by way of spray in crevices overgrown. In this way the work is completed faster, but again the grass keeps growing as usual. Moreover, if during the rainy season, the grass will flourish up to a heavier each day.

That flurry I mean, probably because of the size of a yard large enough so it will take considerable time to clean off the grass. Actually there’s one more way that I have not applied, which closes every meeting between paving line with each other using a cement mixture. But it can be made as cast concrete, so the water will be difficult to sink.

In the neighborhood where I live is actually a lot to put up paving for its home page, but there are overgrown and some are not. I myself do not understand why this is happening. Probably because of the level of soil fertility in the installation of paving, or perhaps because of not meeting the order between paving with each other. Thus resulting in the grass can grow easily.

Result Using Block Paving the page Home may differ from each other. Certainly it will be influenced by many factors, such as the density in the installation and also the circumstances are different. The willingness and availability of time for the order is kept up-weeding of paving also is a matter that can affect it as well.

the conclusion is that the strength and durability of the paving is no doubt, but if it had been overgrown with grass then it would make for your own busy life. So be diligent to always clean, as leaving them for a few moments can make the grass more and more. When this happens of course, reduce the beauty of your home page.

And for those who have small children to always be reminded to be careful when playing on a page that has been covered paving, for paving rough surface can easily scratch the skin when your child falls. Is not a little child like run around?

For readers who have tips for paving fabric is not easy to grass, please share it via the comments field that has been provided. For that I will feel very happy.

Best Sellers House Design Modern Era

Design houses in this modern era increasingly varied. Not infrequently, the various design shelter makes homeowners confused when selecting it. For those of you who feel the same way, now you do not have to worry anymore. You can easily determine the design of the shelter as long as you already know the lot size and the budget you have. However, if you still feel confused, not hurt you to listen to the following information. Who knows once you listened, you could directly determine the design of the house you want.

Design of the first shelter is a simple home design. This simple house is built on land that could be considered cramped. So, you should not be surprised if the shelter was impressed tiny and only had a few rooms only. If you build a house, you are not going to spend the funds. To enhance your home, you just need to brush up home with color gradations. Typically, this house is in great demand by people who have a bit of a family member or a newlywed couple who have a mediocre budget to buy a house.

This simple house is composed of several types, ranging from types 36, 45, and 60. The simple house type 36 is usually only has one living room, one dining room, one kitchen, two bedrooms, and two bedrooms. Each office also looks narrow so that homeowners usually just give bulkhead furniture to distinguish the function room. Similarly, the simple house type 45, type 45 tiny house also has only limited room only. Only, not so cramped room of the house like the house the previous type. To work around this, homeowners usually paint the room in bright colors that looks loose. For type houses 60 rooms, the house can be tailored to the needs of homeowners. The house is also no longer used as a divider home furniture.

Design of the second shelter, luxury home design. Luxury homes can be easily found at home with a European style. The house has high poles that look very handsome. Polish color chosen house was very elegant, the colors white, gray, or gold. If you look at a glance, the house is like a towering into the sky. So charming and enchanting! If you choose a luxury residential design, then you must be prepared to spend a large budget. Not only the designs are “wow”, but you also have to equip the house with furniture matching the style of the house.

Houses with luxury style has a number of characteristics. First, the ornaments that were on the wall of his house. Ornaments that gives the impression of luxury in occupancy. Secondly, the door of which is chosen is great door so that the house looks very handsome. And third, the house is also surrounded by high fences. The high fence looks like a fortress that surrounds the house. Moreover, if the fence is made of concrete, so that the luxurious residential place really feels like a hidden castle.

Last is the design minimalist house 2 floors. 2 story house is usually very attractive to people who have a large number of family members. Because today’s modern home designed with a petite, so they prefer a minimalist house floor 2 as the solution. Mini 2-storey house is also made with various types. So, you can build a small house 2nd floor in accordance with the impression that you want. Good information about the design of a house on the benefit to you.

Determining your home paint color options


Choosing Paint Colors House

Well have a gorgeous home and graciously of course everybody wants it. And to choose house paint is one of the steps to make the home look more beautiful. And whenever you get bored with the old look you can also use a paint that is graceful and you want.

Paint Color Combinations

And then perhaps you take more color options seem boring and outdated. But for that you also do not worry because there are many ways to rejuvenate the paint the walls of your house. And you also can choose the right color for the combination.

And the house which you inhabit will look nice and graceful because with the right color combinations. You can choose colors such as neutral colors: white combined with other colors such as yellow, red or black.

With a variety of many colors of the walls at this time you also have to pay attention and adjust the color of the paint with the concept of home you have. Here there are a variety of colors that are suitable for the walls of your home.

1. Purple
The color purple does have the impression of a unique and comfortable as well as the paint is like having a new home and graceful.

2. Green and blue
For both these colors can indeed be applied. For the green color does tend to the natural feel while blue can give the impression like the color blue water and beautiful for viewing.

3. White
For this one color is a neutral color. This color does give a good impression and providing brightness in a separate room.

4. Gray
To color this one is very simple but if the color is too much it will produce lurid colors.

5. Black
The black color is indeed very good for the outer walls, but when used too much will produce a color that is very sinister and dark.

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Understanding Healthy Homes According to WHO

The house is a place to shelter from the influence of circumstances surrounding nature (eg rain, sun and others) as well as a place to rest after a stint meet everyday.

Definition of housing (housing) by WHO are: a physical structure in which people use it for shelter, where the environment of these structures includes all the facilities and necessary services, supplies useful for physical health, spiritual and social circumstances are good for families and individuals.

According Aswar writing, the book Monitoring of Environmental Sanitation by Djasio Sanropie, home to humans have meaning:
a. As a place to relieve fatigue, rest after the fatigue of everyday obligations.
b. As a place to hang out with family or foster a sense of family for all the family members were there.
c. As a place to protect themselves from the dangers that threaten.
d. As a symbol of social status owned, that are still felt to this day.
e. As a place to put or keep stuff that has that mainly still found in rural communities.

Meanwhile, according to the Directorate General of Cipta Karya Department
Public Works, home of the family have the following meanings:
a. Shelter.
The family lived in the house to protect themselves from heat, rain and other disturbances so that it can live with a sense of security and peace.
b. Family Guidance Points
The house as a residence and the growth of the family has played a large role in the formation of the character of its inhabitants. The house should be a medium family-building activities through the guidance of knowledge, skills, good behavior. Because the house is a place of education is first and foremost for the family, especially for the development of the child’s personality. By preparing a qualified home is expected to accommodate development activities for family members and encourage the creation of family harmony and happiness.
c. Family Activity Points
The house as a meeting place of various family activities, is of significant importance in providing an atmosphere that supports the activity itself, so that the family can carry out activities with pleasure, ease and comfort. To achieve this state, need to be prepared healthy home that can accommodate family members in activities and habits well. A healthy and comfortable home will affect the physical and spiritual health of the family members.

Healthy Homes and Requirements
According to the WHO home is a physical structures used in people or humans to a shelter, where the environment of the structure as well as the facilities and necessary services, supplies useful for physical and spiritual health as well as social conditions both for families and individuals. To realize the home with the above functions, the house does not have to be fancy great but the house can be molded into the house habitable

The house next to a man’s physical environment as a residence, a place that can also cause disease, it will happen when healthy home criteria have not been met. According to the statistics of deaths and the highest poverty that occurs in people who occupy the house that do not qualify and are located in places that are not sanitar. When the poor environmental conditions, health status will be low and vice versa. Therefore, the condition of the residential neighborhood should be able to support the level of health of its inhabitants.

A healthy home by Winslow and APHA must meet several requirements, among others:
a. Meet the Needs of the physiological
1) The lighting is sufficient, both natural and artificial light.
Lighting eligible for 60-120 lux. Size good window of at least 10% – 20% of the floor area.
2) ventilation is sufficient to turn the air in the room. The air quality in a home that qualifies is the room temperature of 18o – 30o C with a humidity of 40% – 70%. Size qualified ventilation which is 10% of floor space. Natural ventilation is the replacement of the air naturally (not involving mechanical equipment, such as air conditioning machine known as the air conditioner or air-conditioning). Natural ventilation vents offer healthy, comfortable, and without any additional energy.

However, to design natural ventilation to think about the initial conditions, namely: (1). Availability of outside air is healthy (free of odor, dust and other pollutants that disrupt), (2). Outside air temperature is not too high (up to 280 C), (3). Not many buildings around that would impede air flow horizontally (so the wind blows lancer), and (4). The environment is not noisy. If the initial condition is not met, then you should not be forced to wear natural ventilation because it would be detrimental.

This sub-section introduces terms that are commonly found when we talk about the ventilation. The term is more complete can be found, one of which, in Ventilation (It. Ventus, wind, angina) is the flow of air, both the room is open or closed (in the room). Natural ventilation is a process of change the indoor air by fresh air from outdoors without the aid of mechanical equipment. Air change per hour (ACH, Air Change per Hour) is the amount of change of the entire air potentiated dirt into the air in a room (eg, laboratory, workshop, toilet and kitchen), the higher the number of air changes per hour are required. Each state has its own standards ACH.
3) Not bothered by noises coming from inside and outside the home.
4) Just as a playground for children and to learn.

b. Meet the Needs of phychologis
1) Each member of the family is assured calmness and freedom (privacy).
2) Addressing the gathering place of the family.
3) A suitable, homogeneous, there are no drastic differences in levels in the environment.
4) Number of bedrooms and the settings are adjusted by age and sex. Size bed children aged about 5 years of at least 4.5 m2 and more than 5 years of at least 9 m2.

Residential density is determined by the number of bedrooms divided by the number of occupants (sleeping density), namely:
– Well, if the density is greater than or equal to 0.7
– Enough, when the density is between 0.5 to 0.7
– Less, if the density is less than 0.5.
5) Have a WC and shower.
6) Have a page that can be planted with trees.
7) Animals pets or livestock enclosure separate from the house.

c. Prevention of Disease Transmission
1) There are adequate drinking water and meets the health requirements.
2) Do not allow the mosquitoes, flies, rats and other animals nesting in and around the house.
3) Sewage / faeces and waste water meets health standards.
4) Disposal of waste in place.
5) Size of at least 8.5 m2 bedroom
per person and ceiling height is 2.75 m.
6) Place cook, store food should be free of pollution or nuisance animals insects or dust.

d. Prevention of Accidents
1) Enough ventilation to remove gases or toxins from indoor and replace it with fresh air.
2) Enough light in the room to prevent accidents.
3) The distance between the tip ends of the roof with neighboring roofs of at least 3 m.
4) The house kept away from large trees that fragile or easily collapse.
5) The distance home to the road should follow the rules Rooi line.
6) home floor is always wet (bathrooms, laundry rooms) should not be slippery.
7) In front of the main door should be given an extra floor at least 60 cm.
8) The buildings are near a fire or electrical installation must be made of fireproof material.
9) The materials poisonous stored neatly, do not let children affordable.
10) A home away from industrial polluters.
11) Non floods, hurricanes and other disruptions.

Meanwhile, according to the Department of Human Settlements terms of healthy home include:
a. Having a health standpoint
The parts of the home that affect the health care system should be well prepared, namely:
1). Lighting and ventilation in each room should be enough.
2). Providing clean water.
3). Settings wastewater disposal and trash so it does not cause pollution.
4). Parts of the room such as floors and walls are not inert.
5). Not affected by pollution such as odor, seepage of dirty water, dirty air.
6). Having a separate kitchen space. Good spacious kitchen 4m2 with a minimum width of 1.5 m.
b. Meet the terms of the strength of the building

The parts of the building house has construction and building materials that can be secured, such as:
1) Construction of buildings strong enough to withstand its own weight well outside influences such as wind and rain, earthquakes and more.
2) The use of building materials that can be guaranteed durability and ease of maintenance.
3) Use fire-resistant materials for the parts flammable materials and water to parts that are always wet.
c. Noting terms of comfort

Families can live comfortably and can perform simple activities, namely:
1) Provision of adequate space.
2) Size of the room corresponding with the activities in it.
3) Structuring the rooms were quite good.
4) The decor and color matching.
5) Greening page is set according to the needs.

The house is a building that serves as a residence or dwelling and means of fostering the family. Healthy home is the proportion of homes that meet minimum criteria of healthy homes and sanitation component of the three components (houses, sanitation and behavior) in the work area at a certain time. In general, the house can be said to be healthy if it meets the following criteria:
a. Meet the physiological needs include lighting, ventilation, and enough room to maneuver, to avoid disturbing noise.
b. Meet the psychological needs include sufficient privacy, healthy communication between family members and residents.
c. Meet the requirements of the prevention of transmission of disease among residents with water supply, management of faeces and household waste, free vector of disease and rats, residential density is not excessive, quite the early morning sun, sheltered food and drink from contamination, in addition to lighting and enough ventilation,
d. Meet the requirements of both the prevention of accidents arising due to circumstances outside and inside the home among other requirements the border road, the construction of which is not easy to collapse, non-flammable, and does not tend to make the occupants skids.
e. Meet the requirements of the fire prevention.

In a good home, but must qualify as a place to live a healthy and comfortable, it should also qualify that the house is quite durable (durable) and robust construction, and to meet this requirement, then the house should be planned so well protected from fire hazards , earthquakes and lightning.

In urban areas with high housing density, fire can result in human casualties and property damage were great. But the first priority should be given to efforts to save the lives of residents of the danger of fires, deaths in fires are usually caused by being trapped in a fire, smoke, and gas, or because it can not get out of a fire safely or having been exposed to elevated temperatures and die in a riot.

Security and fire prevention efforts generally include the following measures:

  • Attempt to avoid the occurrence of fires
  • Efforts to limit propagation of fire
  • Enterprises transfer of population and property from fire to fire-free areas
  • Forest fire fighting efforts by residents
  • Fire suppression efforts by the fire department.